The Price of Self Education

The price of University defined by a non professional unistudent


Everyone loves discussing University prices and HECS debt and University fees in Australia. I personally don’t want to think of my HECS debt because it will be ridiculous even as the prices stand today. Understandable though that the government needs to work out a solution to the amount of unpaid HECS debts, because I can see how it’s an issue as I’m only in my second year studying arts/commerce and bam say goodbye to probably roughly $15k, commerce being the killer with units costing close to $2,000.

So $2,000 what does that give me.
$2,000 is 11 weeks of lectures..
Lectures whereby many students watch online in the comfort of their home, rather then attend the actual live lecture.
Lecture that has someone speeding through important relevant people and parts of text and graphs and diagrams via a slideshow. That is summarised and sometimes a clarification (NOT ALWAYS) of the week’s topic. Then chuck in a few examples and you either finish confused or vague on what the focus of the lecture was, or unsure on the definite conclusion, or overwhelmed by what’s been crammed into a 1-2 hour ‘educational performance’.
So then you leave and look at the notes maybe once and never again and possible forget the roots of the lecture. Feeling unsure you think there will be clarity in a class environment later in the week. This is sometimes get into groups do activities relating to this weeks topic (that you can do on your own at home). Or its a big group discussion, or its a wannabe lecture whereby the tutor hasn’t crammed enough into your head that week, so you listen more and more and watch more related videos and get thrown more readings and relevant material and more and more….
And the readings required for that class…
It can be silly the amount of required reading you are expected to analyse each week of uni. On average probably 100 pages per unit per week with the additional four prescribed texts on what could be summarised in two sentences. It’s just an exaggeration of the week’s topic, a heap of repetition and re-wording of the same shit and for no purpose at all considering 80% of people probably never read the whole text and pass anyway, additionally there’s always that stupid reading that’s completely off topic and which the tutor hates, disagrees with and states it’s not relevant.

So once you’ve been to the class and the lecture, so you’ve listened to someone tell you things and you’ve talked about a reading or chapter in a text book.
And you get home to start ‘the 10 hours per unit per week required of ‘personal’ study’
And you read and read and read
To then re-watch the lecture you didn’t follow in the theatre.
To start an assignment
And to “contact the staff via email if help is needed or if there are any concerns”

For 11 weeks, you are given slideshows of summaries, and required readings to make summaries – to sit an exam and summaries and to write an essay of complete summary and regurgitation of the readings.
11 Weeks is apparently worth $2,000 dollars.
When it’s me buying the additional $170 text book, and printing out readings, and reading countless confusing misleading documents online to decipher what the tasks are. To sit at home and read and study and ask the tutor via email and find outside resources and find outside study support to finish the assignments and summaries the information and present it at the exam.
University does not need classes when they tell you to find it online- that is not teaching.
What the hell am I paying for if I’m teaching myself and you’re supplying the slideshows. Slideshows worth $2,000 ???
I’m paying $2,000 a unit, one 11 week small step in my course, to teach myself buy the required books and be thrown resources upon resources.
University might as well just be a heap of books, because what I’m saying is there isn’t really a service rather a giving of a list of resources.
step 1. please read
step 2. please summaries
step 3. graduate

goodbye $30k –
welcome the job of non-existence ‘no search results for ‘philosophers’ in your area’
the job of speciality ‘necessary 10 years of experience in area with speciality of x y and z’
or job with no need in overpopulated area or field ‘unfortunately with a large pool of applicants you were unsuccessful’
or job and career that doesn’t involve uni degree at all, that might not give you a solid income for your lifetime and that might be replaced by computers.

I can see the need to help pay back the university debts as many are going un-paid at all.
But I can see that you’re paying for something, that might not in today’s society, get you a job to pay that back in the first place.
And what I mean by that is for example, if you want me to pay $800 per unit per trimester to study philosophy for three years but which time holding onto huge HECS debt and I get into the workplace and theres no jobs out there looking for a student fresh out of uni with a philosophy major, so I get a job at a retail outlet and try and survive by that and re-plan my life. What I mean is that well known idea that if you go to uni you’ll get a good paying job and that’s why you pay so much for uni, isn’t really true.
Because there isn’t going to be a million  jobs requiring sport science degrees or anthropology or painting majors. You end up paying for something you can’t use or won’t use.

It’s just not fair to put huge prices on education, as if to say its worth it because of the qualification they give, allows you to earn more and therefore pay back the government and live a middle class or better lifestyle.
It’s just not reality. 

my opinions never write smoothly it’s such a jumble of a rant on uni –
kate x
(this hasn’t been edited, just straight pure from frustration)




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